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We are Explorers with Unlimited Possibilities building a better world, one experience at a time.
We love moving into varied roles for accelerated growth - taking on key positions, driving performance, and seeking the impact of our actions first-hand.
Our freedom toexploreopportunities ensures multiple domain exposure -instilling versatility as we take up challenges end to end.
We're constantly invested in reinventing ourselves, never settling, and taking ownership, driven by our culture to be "Better Than Yesterday".
Our core value is to "Be happy" where we achieve success together, share mutual respect and our integrity is above everything.
Come,Be Happy... Be Better than Yesterday... Be an Explorer.

A Culture of being "Better Than Yesterday"

Our foremost value is to "Be Happy"

We are driven by the spirit tobreak moulds,innovate, and take charge. Here’s what Better Than Yesterday means to us,
Never settle-we despise mediocrity
Reinvent yourself- we keep learning, keep growing
Take Ownership -we lead by example and be the change we want to see
Being happy is our principal value. It’s what defines the richness of our journey in designing delightful experiences. Our happiness is defined by,
Keeping integrity above all
Sharing mutual respect
Achieving success, together

No Limit Growth-Driven by People

Best in classEngagement and Policies

We know no limits for progress. Be it exploring different roles, being a leader, or co-creating the best experiences, we are driven by and for our people.
We value your years of experience, profile, and educational qualifications. However, we also believe you are more than your resume and it does not determine your career’s progression. With no corporate ladder to climb, the responsibilities you take are chosen by you and so is your growth. You are your own limit.
To deliver on this promise, we engage in various initiatives like
Personalized Career Path and Mentorship
We are all unique, each withdifferent passions and dreams. Keeping this in mind, we chart a customized career-path for each ensuring that your work is in alignment with your goals and the mentorship you received helps you get there.
Take charge from start to finish
We love taking initiative and driving things from the beginning to end. It’s empowering to see our work through and enjoy the fruits of our labour. This propels us to take charge.
Self-Driven Growth, Promotions, and Hikes
Everybody’s assessment is dependent on themselves. When you decide that it is time to move to the next role, we will make sure you get there; Hikes aren’t based on some vague industry standard; your performance can drive up to 2x hikes and more whether you are new to WinkTales or have always been with us.
Leadership Portfolios
We believe that professional growth is ensured when one can lead effectively. At WinkTales, each member is given the responsibility of an essential internal initiative that they drive and lead from inception to end. This is an accelerated growth route that is accompanied by direct mentorship from the Senior Management and Founders to help WinkTalers achieve their fullest potential.
Monthly One-on-Ones for quick feedback and progress
As a millennial driven organization, we believein transparency and instant feedback that leads to growth on a daily basis. Take a walk with your leaders to get a quick preview of your performance and discuss what’s on your mind. Being approachable is a fundamental right and duty at WinkTales, and we encourage you to exercise it and voice your thoughts, no bars hold.
Bi-Yearly appraisals, focus on overall growth
WinkTales grows as its team members do. To ensure that we are well on our way in our desired career paths, our appraisals with the leadership team are crucial for setting goals, sharing feedback, and expressing career aspirations.
Being an Experience Design company, our team’s experience is the primary one to make seamless and filled with passion and vigour. With our empathetic policies and empowering engagement, we make sure that our workplace supports you professionally and personally.
Approachable Leadership, HR, and Colleagues
We are big on open-communication and transparency. After all, we are one team and always open to concerns, ideas, and suggestions. We have an open-door policy and being a close-knit group strengthens our approachable communication.
Rewards and Recognition
Achieve professional milestones as you are rewarded for what you deserve. Efforts do not go unrecognized in WinkTales as we are propelled by performance and credibility.
Flexi Hours
Each works as they deem comfortable. Our workplace is a stress-free and happy one. As long as you get your work done, we do not stress on stringent daily timings.
We take care of each other. And as a testimony to that, our medical and life insurance offerings make sure you are taken care of in your time of need.
Provident Fund
A secure future is an imperative part of life. We recognize the importance of savings and financial security and have got you covered with our Employer Provident Fund.
Flexible Dress code
We have one rule of dressing. Be comfortable and make sure others around you are too! Casuals are always welcome at WinkTales.
Friendly Leave policy
Just as you give your all at work, we recognize your need to get away – be it an emergency, a mental health off day or a well-deserved vacation. Our leave policy is friendly, fair, and responsible. Women have the privilege of slowing the work pace when need be. Ours is a collaborative work space, yet when those critical times demand, we do Work-from-home.

FocusedLearning and Development

Perksand Benefits

To augment our culture of being Better Than Yesterday, learning is imperative. Our Learning and Development programs focusses on individual development, reskilling and upskillingto equip you on your professional journey.
Dedicated learning hours
We make sure that there is time for you to focus on honing your skills at the workplace. WinkTales is an open environment that stands for individual and collective growth driven through dedicating a few working hours for learning.
Toastmasters, Group Discussions, and Brainstorming
The most essential tool in today’s world - communication.
The team gets to together for a bi-monthly Toastmasters session that gives each member an opportunity to improve their communication skills in a fun and challenging manner.
Our group discussions, every Thursday, spur interesting discussions that widens each one’s horizon and initiate new thoughts.
In the effort to provide the best solutions and device never-before-seen experiences, all the team members convene to give their opinions and thoughts in exciting and fast-paced brainstorming sessions.
Showcases and Reviews
One is as good as their latest work.
To constantly advance our creative and professional quotient, the teams get together to discuss and analyse our projects based on factors such as current trends, global standards, and personal satisfaction. This always keeps us on our toes as we aim higher each day.
Open Saturdayand Personal Projects
To get better, one must think bigger.
The working Saturdays at WinkTales are probably the most exciting and active. It’s a paid working day to work on side projects of our liking! Fromlearning new hobbies and skills... to collaborating with different WinkTales to design better experiences, our Open Saturdays end the week on a high note.
Expert sessions, Workshops, and Site Visits
Hands-on experience and learning helps us evolve as professionals.
We rely on going out into the world and interacting with experts of various backgrounds to mix up our abilities, gain new perspectives and exposure. Our conversations with guest experts and keynotes, visits to exhibits, conferences, and learning sessions keep us in pace with the world.
A little extra makes us a lot happier. These perks at WinkTales definitely add a cheer to the face.
At WinkTales, we work together and dine together. The lunch breaks are never mundane. With a cook as part of the team, we relish hot and healthy lunch every day. It is a time to get together and share stories, watch a quick episode of your favourite TV show, or just relax and unwind. But if lunch wasn’t enough to fill you up, we’re always stacked with refreshments for those cravings.
Day Outing
We take a mandatory off day once every <> to rejuvenate. The incredibly close WinkTales team spend the day out playing, dining or doing activities that takes our mind off the desks. And when we get back, we are a closer and tighter crew.
Team Vacations
Once every <>, we go out on a retreat, to a new place for some fresh inspiration. The team trip is a stock house of memories that we cherish as we get to know each other a little better, a little tighter. The change in the air makes us love the grind more.
Nap at work
At WinkTales, we believe in power naps soputting your head down isn’t a crime. If you feel the urge to take a quick snooze and get back up replenished, feel free to do so.
Pet Friendly
We have an enthusiastic teammate who we adore, love.For those animal lovers, let us introduce to you our in-house happiness expert- Goldie! Just so, any furry team member is graciously welcome at WinkTales.
Festivities and Celebrations
WinkTales has team members from the length and breadth of India, of different religions and cultural beliefs. We love diversity. And who can resist all the perks that come with it - enjoying the festivities of every belief and celebrating the joy of spreading happiness, and sumptuous delicacies that accompany them often.